Lyrical Lunatic

Through her music, poetry, and literature, Erika has held steadfast in her commitment to fighting for the causes that are close to her heart. As an American 21st century war poet and civil rights activist, she’s made a name for herself through her respected essays, novels and poetry.

For Erika, Music has always been a driving force in her life. Dubbed as ‘poetry-infused rap’, Erika, or Lyrical Lunatic, channels her thoughts, feelings, and one-of-a-kind experiences through the vessel that is her music.

Lyrical Lunatic is as real as real can get. Through her provocative yet inspiring wordplay that’s been sandwiched between raw, crusty hiphop breaks and basslines, she hopes to awaken and inspire others to live life to its fullest. Lyrical Lunatic’s brand new album entitled ‘L-Squared’ encompasses just that, and is a 6-track jam that preaches themes of equality, anti-discrimination and the art of ‘letting go’.

L Squared forces the audiences to accept a level of social consciousness brought about by personal and relatable experiences. The notion of self-identity and self-assessment is the patch work that cohesively tells a single story. The vibe against the narrative compels the listener to imagine a time and place in which they faced similar challenges and requires an examination of the means used to survive. An invisible question is placed within the parameters of words asking what distractions have kept [you] from [your] purpose and proposes the notion to reach higher than what has been presented in order to find a way out.                                                                                                                     — Jasmine Shari

This unique approach to navigating through life has been constructed amidst the ease of an everyday trip to Walmart. Highlighted amongst the soliloquies of life has been relationships, survival, dysphoria, coping and simply living. The artist has painted a picture of the system we as a people take for granted outlined to distract and discourage and uses them instead as excusable and reckless. Metaphorically painting a picture of the world around us, this album eludes to a journey we maneuver daily yet fail to embrace being so caught up in the differences that separate us. We are forced to comprehend through this vivid approach to idealism that if we simply took the time to understand life being lived in prospective rather than point of view, navigating wouldn’t prove to be as complex as we make it. –Jasmine Shari